Why you should NEVER throw biodegradables out the car window… EVER

Why you should NEVER throw biodegradables out the car window… EVER

I have always thought, “This apple core can join the Earth once again”

One critter's trash, is another critter's dinner.
One critter’s trash, is another critter’s dinner.

*toss core out the window of the car*
*gently lands just off the road in a bed of luscious leaves*
*slight bounce*
The apple core rests, fertilizes and…


Road kill.


Not a pretty picture. I’d always thought that little apple core, banana peel, leftover x (that is real biodegradable food) wouldn’t have a bad impact. But I wasn’t thinking far enough…

If the food is by the road, then who comes to dinner? Rodents or other critters will go to the road to eat the food. Yes, they can be road kill all too easily.

But wait there’s another onion-y layer here. Who eats those guys?

Not only do the mice/rats/etc go to the road to eat our lovely leftovers and might get hit by cars, but the giant beautiful birds of prey – hawks, eagles, owls, ravens, all regal creatures that swoop down to get those little critters for their meals…


Picture this:
In all her glory a hawk, we’ll call her LadyHawk, is flying high above the ground, scoping, the breeze under her wings, she floats. Movement on the ground… LadyHawk thinks in that ever-so-instinctual way “My Goodness! what luck, there’s dinner, and it’s also clear – no dodging trees to get to that little critter called dinner…” She pauses, breathes, dives, getting closer, so close, “this one’s going to be scrumptious! I can see the whites of his EY-”


Crushed, smashed, and injured or killed from swooping too low over a road with high-speed metal boxes with little humans in them…

From my backyard, this Red-Shouldered Hawk was hanging out...
From my backyard, this Red-Shouldered Hawk was hanging out…

If the food supply of predators is being concentrated around the road areas, they too will gravitate there. They’ve got mouths to feed!

So that little apple core in your hand is much more. It is the trigger for a whole food chain that we don’t necessarily see. That little action to toss it out the window, and every little action we take impacts the world way more than we may think at first glance. We are part of an ecosystem, and when we recognize ways that we can better keep that system in balance, let’s go for it!

This is exciting because that means that changing our actions, even little actions, can greatly BENEFIT the world. It’s not all this gloom and doom of how we’re killing the planet and it’s lovely creatures (though sometimes it feels that way). But once we learn from new information, it empowers us to make another choice.


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