Water Conservation in SoCal

Water Conservation in SoCal

Last Thursday morning upon discussing an NPR article on the ground water drying up and the water shortage with one co-worker, another co-worker piped in with a familiar tune “you know who’s fault it is… the politician who was taking water for a private…” I had tuned out at this point, because I have little control over that outcome.

Putting the blame on everyone else removes my own accountability in how I personally handle the issue and rise to the challenge. But more important than the seeming self-flagellation of recognizing how much I suck at water conservation, I would also like to point out – this co-worker’s perspective is DISEMPOWERING to me, to you, to everyone.

Dead grass=water conservation.
Dead grass = water conservation.

The idea that it is out of my hands, your hands and the 3.8 million other people in this city (Los Angeles), the 9.9 million people in this county, and the 22.6 million people in southern California and that I (we all) have no influence on the world around me (us) makes me feel pretty – awful. Small. Useless.

And it doesn’t have to be that way because it’s not true. We do each impact the big picture and our influence is great on those around us.

There are about 3.8 million people in the city of Los Angeles. If we all took appropriate measures to conserve water by taking a hard look at our own water use habits, we’d be well on our way to healthier water habits.

To say:
I’m not going to change anything because look at what that guy did. — It’s not a logical argument. Spock would not abide.

Rather, ask the question – How, by our own little, yes, seemingly little, but POWERFUL actions, can I make an impact TODAY.

Not only that conservation perspective but your efforts will no doubt save you MONEY on your utility bills. Who wouldn’t be down for that.

Here are some fun suggestions on ways to conserve water:

– Let go of the lawn, let it die or have a low impact garden/lawn. As you can see in my picture, the grass is dead.

– Water the garden/herbs with recycled water from either a pet’s old water bowl water or the water left over after boiling water for a meal e.g. cooking pasta or potatoes. Or other water used in the kitchen that doesn’t include chemicals/soaps/oils.

– Keep your hand on the tap/faucet when brushing your teeth to make sure you turn off the water when not using it. Make it a game to see how little water you can run while you brush.

What are some ways you’ve found to conserve water?

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