Simplicity in 2015

Simplicity in 2015

Welcome to the New Year!


Yep, that’s my goal this year. No matter how complicated life gets, I want to allow space for the many challenges to be dealt with as simply as possible.

To start in this direction, I’m going to a little self-study, Svadhyaya (one of the yogic Niyamas), to take stock of the habits I’ve got going.

One way I see simplicity is lessening what I consume and thus the waste products that come from it.

Initially it’s hard for me to see the patterns I have in my life, because I’m too caught up in it. So I look to the archeological dig of my trash can to find out some patterns/consumption habits I have.

Case in point, my work trash can, I kept noticing that what ended up in my trash can was tissues and the remnants of my lunch from our building’s little sandwich shop which consisted of a paper wrapper. (I had previously requested that they stop providing a styrofoam box for the nicely wrapped vegan burrito because it seemed a little redundant.)

So, I said to myself, “self, is there a way to reduce these two items – the tissues and wrapper – further?”

I was answered with “INDEED!”

Yes, that was me talking to myself. And it so happened that I came up with a plan for both items…

1Handkerchief & Plate. Using a handkerchief (let’s bring ’em back, at least I am…).

2. I brought a plate from our office kitchen down to the sandwich shop to avoid the wrapping of the sandwich in paper.

That trash can of yours is quite a tell-all of your habits if you take a look.

What habits of yours do you notice? And how could you take steps to simplify, which in turn reduces waste, creating a more mindful footprint?

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