Green Tip: Plastic Grocery Bags

Green Tip: Plastic Grocery Bags

We’ve already got a ban on the disposable plastic bags in Los Angeles. For those places in the U.S. that haven’t done that yet… no need to freak out, it’s easy. But I’m not talking about those plastic bags this time (but yes, those too).

No need to bag all your veggies at the grocery store. Avoid wasting those little plastic bags.
No need to bag all your veggies at the grocery store. Avoid wasting those little plastic bags. Most fruits and veggies already have a protective layer called their SKIN! They don’t need a bag too.

I’m talking about the bags in the fruit and veggie sections that you bag your produce in. The little ones that already annoy you because every time you try to rip them off the roll they snag, and then there’s opening them while you have precariously perched in your palm a few apples, trying not to drop them while you try to open the static mess of a plastic bag so that they apples can get from the display to your fruit bowl, that one trip home. And 400 years to biodegrade for that one trip home. Yes. Plastic.

Here’s a tip:


Don’t use the little bags.

That tomato has already been manhandled by 50 potential customers feeling their way through the pile of tomatoes to find their optimal firmness factor before you touched it. Not to mention the tomato pickers, all the people along the transportation pipeline, yes they may wear gloves, but what else has touched those gloves. Can we even imagine the other hands and the chemicals along the supply chain that touched it before you were feeling up that tomato?

So adding the cashier’s hands to the mix, come on, doesn’t make a difference. You wash the tomato anyway when you get home before you eat it. (I hope so.)

There you have it.     Done and done.

Remove that little bit of waste from your life immediately. Keep the habit going, and it becomes a way of life.

That’s tapas for you baby, the yogic principle of self-discipline. You’ll train yourself. You adapt after the first visit to the grocery store. Yes, you may forget the bags once in a while, but tough cookies.

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