Green Tip: Non-Violence at the Workplace Water Cooler

My office has a stack of disposable plastic cups next to the water cooler. I would use them ALL THE TIME, and invariably I’d toss ’em at the end of the day or after a few days. A very wasteful habit! If you work in an office like I do or anywhere where there’s a water cooler, bring your own non-disposable cup and keep it at work. Choose not to use the disposable plastic cups.

How does this relate to yoga? Well, where do the disposable cups go once I’ve used them? I’d like to think they’re recycled. But, sadly, a huge amount of plastic seems to end up in our oceans and in the bellies of fish and other marine life, making animals sick or killing them. In that light, using plastic wastefully becomes a violent act. So by choosing not to drink out of a disposable plastic cup that could end up in the ocean or in the belly of a fish or a pelican or a whale, I am practicing the yogic principle of non-violence, ahimsa. A choice as simple as keeping a cup or mug at work becomes an active practice of non-violence and compassion for all living creatures and helps reduce unnecessary and harmful waste. 

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