Green Tip: Computer Shut-off

Reduce your footprint and your electricity bill by powering down your computer, printer, and any other electronics that don’t need to be charging while you’re not using them (not to mention the lights when you leave a room). If computers are locked or are on sleep mode, they are still consuming electricity while they idle for 12 or more hours until you’re back in the office. So at the end of the day at your desk, shut OFF the computer rather than the sleep mode/locked mode.

I’ve heard the complaint that the computer takes too long to boot up in the morning. Eh! Enjoy that minute or so of startup; it can give you the time you need to get your bearings on your day as you get to work. Take a few deep breaths as it loads. You’ve got the rest of the day to be glued to the computer screen! Allow a few moments of calm and acknowledge that you are saving money and reducing your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of electricity you are responsible for idly consuming. All with this one simple action!

Also, you guessed it, in shutting off your computer or other unneeded devices, you are practicing yoga. In the 8-limbs of yoga, the first limb is Yama, the moral guidelines that guide how we interact with the world around us, our environment. One of these Yamas in particular in this instance is being expressed: Aparigraha, which is “non-appropriation” or “non-hoarding,” which is basically not taking for one’s own use more that what is necessary for one’s self. In shutting off your computer you are choosing to not hoard and take for your own use a resource that you don’t need at the time. So add it to the list of what you accomplish just by shutting off your computer: save money/resources, have a moment to breathe as you start the computer in the morning, AND you are practicing yoga!

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