BYO Fork, Spoon, Knife combo – Disposables be gone!

BYO Fork, Spoon, Knife combo – Disposables be gone!

I don’t care if they’re biodegradable – it’s still wasteful to grab a one-time use fork, spoon or otherwise and dump it after one use.

For the Angelinos in the crowd – we live in our cars. Face it. Or a ton of us do. Though that may be changing as well in the coming years (YES!). Even if we don’t drive all the time, we can often be running to and fro with other methods of transportation. And to my actor peeps out there – auditions, bing bang boom, stop at whole foods or trader joes between appointments… on the go – and we waste and we waste and we waste those gosh darn plastic or “biodegradable” forks. Tons of waste.


Camping Cutlery
For people on the go, never use one-time use silverware again.

No more do you EVER have to use one – ladies – it can fit in your purse, men, maybe your pockets, though the skinny jean doesn’t leave much for the imagination for the hipsters out there… but for goodness sake, it can definitely fit in your car or your desk at work – camping combo knife fork spoon. I may be trying to make “fetch” happen, but screw it! Get it inscribed with your name or a phrase, bling it out and accessorize if you must. But reuse it over and over and over and yes, over again. Imagine! Put the fucking shameful disposable mindset out with the garbage. Don’t choke a baby seal with a gosh darn plastic fork! Just don’t do it. Get a freakin’ metal METAL, read METAL camping utensil set, cost you $8. Gosh darn if that’s only two TJ’s salads! (maybe 3). Oh and did we mention that there’s always the other solution of just carrying an extra silverware set in your car… though this kind is handy-dandy and fits in purses and pockets.

We think that using biodegradable makes a huge difference, it’s a nice thought and sure, a step in the right direction of being conscious where our waste goes. But biodegradable makes no difference in time to biodegrade if it goes to a landfill, rather than say buried… no shorter a time than regular plastic. So, you make the choice. Yes, there is the decision of where your waste goes, but there’s also another decision – does this need to even create waste in the first place.

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