This morning I sat down at the dining room table to eat my granola and I looked at the roses I had picked from the garden in their crystal vase. Their edges were dried and curling. “They are dying.” I thought.

I felt sad that they come and go so quickly.

If roses stayed flowering brilliantly forever, would they be so beautiful? Or would we stop seeing their beauty and take the flowers for granted?

As I looked, I was struck at how beautiful the withering roses were.

Seeing this stunning lifecycle in such a short period encourages me to cherish beauty when I see it and recognize the perfection in all stages. If I forget to look, it might be gone, faded, the next moment I take the time to look.Fresh Cut Roses

What makes a rose beautiful? The viewer’s willingness to see it’s beauty.

The form beauty takes will shape shift, but it is there waiting to be witnessed. Am I able to recognize all stages as valid and integral to the whole, beyond that stage society considers the prime time, flowering.

It dawned on me that the rose bush is bursting with new blooms. I can go out into my garden now, pick fresh roses, bring these which have shared their beauty with me to the compost, re-sharing their nutrients that brought them their beauty with generations of plants to come. As one flower withers, another is blooming.Composting the Roses

I believe that not seeing the beauty in all these stages tells us more about ourselves than it does about beauty. Beyond the question “What do we value?” in relation to how we see beauty, I ask: “What have we lost touch with the value of?” Restorative times, the wisdom and nourishment that age has to offer for future generations.

If we value one of these stages as beautiful, we must value ALL of them for their integral role in the cycle. All stages are of utmost value. If one link was missing, the flower could not exist.

Seeing this cycle is a reminder to fully express one’s own Beauty at every stage in one’s lives. Express the Beauty and passion that is present within you right now. 

This is not to say “joy/beauty will fade and so you better enjoy it while you can,” – rather, that what brings you joy and reflects your beauty will change over time, so be open to those changes, express what wants to be expressed right now fully. Roses growingOver your time on earth (or space, if you’re an astronaut) you can look back and see all the multitude of ways you stayed present and true to doing, thinking, expressing your truest self and truest Beauty in each moment.

Beauty with a capital “B” meaning that which takes your breath away, humbles, and makes you feel connected and present with the entirety of the world around you.

While sitting down to eat my granola I was filled with joy at sharing my space and time with these flowers that have been in my dining room for about a week now. I wondered, How have I changed in this week? What have the flowers seen in me that is beautiful? How have old things that do not serve me withered away, leaving room for new blooms to arise?

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