Mission Statement:
The mission of Green Spotts Yoga is to increase strength and flexibility in the body and mind through the practice of yoga and yogic principles in an effort to identify ways to simplify and optimize living habits, encourage greener practices, maximize financial freedom, and explore a clearer sense of self.

The practice of yoga brings the practitioner awareness of their body and breath. Yoga practitioners come to understand that yoga is indeed a practice, where change happens incrementally, but not predictably in fits and starts. Increased strength and flexibility through yoga is a matter of stamina over months and years of practice. That long-term oriented vision is key to a long-term far-reaching challenge such as climate change and climate adaptation.

Additionally yoga brings awareness to one’s own boundaries, giving the ability to feel from day to day, moment to moment the shifts in your body and becoming your own authority of what your body needs and wants. What was easy one day, may not be easy the next. This knowledge is empowering. The knowledge and understanding through practice (action) of the slow changes your body goes through is empowering because you know your small actions DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. An adjustment of your alignment in one pose, can trigger and openness in your body you haven’t explored before. With this knowledge, it is unmistakable that one individual’s actions are powerful and undeniable. This helps to mitigate the disempowering rhetoric around climate change that the changes you make on an individual level are not enough. If everyone does take 100% responsibility for their own consumption and energy use, then the whole world would be changed. One person’s change inspires those around them. One person’s ability to educate can change a generation.

Green Spotts Yoga is looking to provide meaningful and actionable steps towards creating environmentally conscious habits everyday. Throughout our lives we have created many unconscious habits, and we are not always aware of the potential impact of our actions and habits on the world around us. Through yoga and mindfulness of our mental and physical habits that yoga brings, we can live in a way that promotes health, healing, and abundance for ourselves, our loved ones, and our HOME – Here On Mother Earth.

Thus “A Mindful Footprint” is made.

cropped-SunSetBigSur2.jpgRYT500About me: 
Jessica Spotts (that’s me!) is a nationally certified Yoga instructor (at the 500-Hour Level with the Yoga Alliance). I have received my 500-hour certification at the Sphota Yoga School in Santa Monica, CA in the mentorship program with Laurie Searle (“Lady Yoga”), an inspiring teacher full of generosity and enthusiasm. I teach in the style of Vinyasa Flow and Hatha. I believe that yoga can be for everyone, using breath, postures, and philosophy to bring mindfulness/awareness to our habits, both physical and mental. I am passionate about yoga, the environment, and the ability for yoga to awaken a sense of freedom and action in one’s life. I have been practicing yoga for over 5 years and has taught and worked with special populations including children and at-risk/underserved youth through volunteer work with Uprising Yoga at Los Angeles Central Juvenile Hall.

I am honored to teach with Uprising Yoga at Central Juvenile Hall in downtown Los Angeles. Uprising’s mission is to create an empowering program to heal at-risk youth, for a safe place to confidently conquer challenges. I have been volunteering/working with Uprising Yoga since September 2013. Follow Uprising Yoga on Facebook!

Green Spotts
Green Spotts Yoga was an idea that came during an extended savasana during my teacher training program – to combine a physical yoga practice, yogic philosophy, green living habits, and outreach in the community – all in an effort to expand my understanding of living an abundant and environmentally responsible life in a city that can seem to be ferociously dedicated to decadence. So with this site, blog, and related links, I hope to share my journey. Enjoy!

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